May 28th, 2010

Page 155

Rating 4.78 out of 5

Three, count them, THREE updates in one week. I haven’t been that productive since J&C started 35 months ago.

As observant readers will know when Crusader takes his shades off the shit stuff just got real

I have had this page planned for sooooo long. I have pages of designs for Smic’s battle robot, though I have to say it’s design was finalised after I watched Robocop and saw the ED-209, but it originated back in August.

I love how it looks, and I enjoy how the backgrounds look. I really love how the whole thing looks. Happy Artist.


  1. Sigma

    Woo! There’s stuff happening!
    Also, poor birdie. And the house, I suppose. But mostly the bird.

  2. darklady

    Well at least the bird got away. 😀
    Computer, however, most probably won’t be.

  3. Sammy

    Poor Birdie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D:

  4. Sammy

    I like how the house is like a mixture of cartoon and reality. It is really dramatic, like with the writers block comic a couple of years aago.

  5. Jaeger

    Bad british crazy scientis. You do not destroy homes… unless attempting word domination.

  6. Garreth

    I love how the houses look! How did you draw them?

  7. Crusader

    @Garreth I build them in google sketchup and then use the program’s rendered images.

  8. Garreth

    Is that modelled on a real street then?

  9. Crusader

    @ Garreth No, I just build a US foursquare house (Ie four rooms below and four above) to some old plans I found on google and then coloured to of them differently before copy and pasting them to fill a whole road. (also one has a little wooden fence, one doesn’t).

    I did think about making each house different but it would a) have taken a lot more work and b) looked weirder. I know you’d think having all the same shaped houses would look more odd but it really doesn’t

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