February 22nd, 2010

Page 149

Rating 4.67 out of 5

This is a double update day. There is a page before this one to read, hit previous

If you’ve forgotten you can read the Ozimaar arc here

And the parts that still need to be drawn by a guest artist can be read on this page

I really like this page. I really do. It is a J&C page I think I will struggle to top, artistically and in terms of the writing.

What makes it for me is panel 4, how these characters are so blasé about the insane world they live in. The surreal nature of what they say and the conviction in their faces always makes me smile. And as I spent about 5 hours doing this, I had a lot of time to get used to it.

For those keeping count, this is the second and third time that Crusader has been willing to die for Jayden. The fourth if you count his encounter with the Hackers.
This script is 6 months old, the idea is 32 months old. You can see why I am glad this page was made 🙂

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  1. Helinith

    First Post!

    No seriously, it came out good.
    I love Computer’s wild expression.

  2. Maarvarq

    What a feast of tropy goodness 🙂
    Jayden and Crusader are both Fourth Wall Observers
    [I forgot that your filter doesn’t like more than one link in one post so …]

  3. Maarvarq

    whilst Computer attempts to deal out disproportionate retribution

  4. Maarvarq

    by using a weapon whose beam moves slowly enough

  5. Maarvarq

    for Crusader to jump in front of it
    What happens next? 😀

  6. Kirrus

    Nice catch Maarvarq!

    I’ve upped the filter to 2 allowed. It should just dump your comment in moderation, not stop you from commenting, though I don’t see your comment in moderation 🙁

  7. Crusader

    @Maarvarq Oh you have no idea /Michael Caine impression

  8. Jaeger

    holy… Crusader lost his sunglases in second panel.
    He must’ve run faster than his glases could keep up with. It is the only explanation:)

    yes sarcasm but i don’t mean you’d need to fix it. it good this way.

  9. Crusader

    @ Jaegar his sun glasses are there, it’s harder to see it on the colour because of the hair colour behind. Due to their nature as ‘magically floating shades’ they’re just represented as a rectangular block in Crusader’s profile views.

    Originally a lack of artistic ability, now a feature _interpreted_ as a lack of artistic ability. God save the Queen I’m good.

  10. BlackMystery

    Tell me what happens next!!!!!!!!! I beg you!

  11. Sammy Helen Miranda Smith

    I love the gun splurge! Looks like Ozimaar, Ironically.

  12. WinterSoldier

    Hey. Just found out about this comic today. Lovin’ it. Keep up the good work!

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