March 16th, 2009

Any Luck?

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Crusader hadn’t been crazy for a while.

I decided to rectify that.

He’s been far too serious, sane and sensible. This being the man who thought putting an evil slime lord in a box was effective containment. Not to mention the few other crazy things he’s done over the last year and a half. I think largely Crusader looks sane because of the contrast with the others, but I think he is still crazier than the average members of the population.  Plus it was fun draw him looking creepy. ke ke ke. Is Crusader kidding about the killing thing? Maybe. I dunno.

I find that if I spend all my time with the same person, I tend to drive them utterly insane, nearly enough to murder. The record shortest time is about 4 hours, thank you Neil, while the longest was Alex who, when we visited Berlin, managed not to go insane because of my company for 7 whole days.

I don’t know how big the Mamma Mia fad was outside of the UK but here it was intolerable. For one thing, it is a terrible film, like going to see We Will Rock You, but instead of cool rock music it’s awful pop music. Further more, it went on far too long. 8 or so months at the box office I think. Crazy. I am pretty sure that the film causes cancer. I’m surprised it didn’t burn right though the movie projecter and through the bowels of the Earth to the land of Molten Metal from whence it was clearly forged by Satan himself.

Today’s was fun to draw. It could have been very flat from the script I wrote, but I jazzed it up a little with those middle three panels. Jayden’s beginning to look how I imagined her when I first tried to draw her. Cool, attractive and yet still open enough to be not be intimidating (otherwise I don’t think Crusader would be able to talk to her). Most J&C pages like this stand alone, just set up to the joke, no story involved on either end, really, but at the same time, I think it is a direct continuation from the previous page. J&C isn’t telling an epic story, or even a romantic/drama/comedy story like LICD or Questionable Content, but there is a vague story in there. I wrote both this page and the last at the same time, so I guess the follow on directly in my head. I dunno, you may disagree.

Also interesting to note, Jayden hasn’t worn her usual green shirt since she bought the Into the Wild Green Yonder, perhaps this is why? She burnt it? No. No, the green shirt will turn up again soon I imagine, when I don’t feel like giving her new clothing. I have her wardrobe written down… somewhere, and I think that it’ll turn up soonish.

EDIT: I found the wardrobe list, I wrote it a few months ago. Apparently she owns a gold coloured satin shirt. I wonder when she’ll wear that… oh, and a dress. Hmm….

It has been precisely 1 year today since I reworked the character designs and effectively rebooted J&C. You can find the exact page here. Admittedly at that point the art was still crude and clumsy, but it was the start of the J&C you all know and love today, as I finally cast off the shackles of all that Ozimaar stuff (which I then finished last december). Without that page, that spur of the moment decision, none of you would be reading this, J&C would probably be dead and I’d be… I dunno, bored.

It’s odd to think that just one little decision would change so much. Crusader got his shades back, the long story planned was droppedand I guess it was the start of the road to this dedicated website, because around the same time I did design a J&C website, similar to Misfile’s. Although J& is completely different, it was the first time I seriously considered leaving Drunk Duck. I am rambling, I shall stop now.

Do people ever manage to read all the way down here? If you did sir, or madam, I salute you. This has been the longest post here in a while.

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  1. WaiForPie

    Were Jayden’s shoes always green? I honestly don’t remember. I like the use of hand gestures in this comic, though it looks as if Jayden’s index finger were broken in the second panel. I also like the angle shifts panels 4 and 5. It really does change up the pace a bit which is rather refreshing.

    As for the Mamma Mia fad, I don’t think it really hit here in the US. Or at least, it didn’t gain the notoriety the whole High School Musical deal received, which is probably on the same level. The media these days is just dying to give kids so many unrealistic expectations, but that’s another rant for another off topic note from yours truly.

  2. Andrew Fower (Aflowerchild)

    Apparently her shoes were always green:

    And I asked the exact same question back then lol. Anyway I don’t know if it’s just me but the last panel seemed very QC-esque to me. And I like the art, especially Jayden’s blushiness, but the lines look a little thick on the first panel because they’re drawn smaller with the same line thickness.

    I like the craziness too : )

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