February 16th, 2009

Spontaneously Combusting Nerds

Rating 4.75 out of 5

I am on holiday this week and thus cannot answer any messages or comments till I get back on Thursday

This page was fun…

The other day someone said to me “Why the hell does no one in your comic wear a jacket or a coat? Sometimes people get cold you know!” Which was a fair question. I, the artist and writer, do not get cold until it is about -10 degrees centigrade, when I might consider putting on a sports jacket. This makes it kinda hard for me to remember normal people do wear jackets and coats when temperature hits about 15 degrees or lower. So this is me kinda making it up to them. Jayden is wearing not only a jacket, but a scarf as well.

Considering I never feel the cold, I’ve decided to give that trait to Crusader, as I think it could be interesting for him. It might also apply to Third. Though Third is always wearing that jacket like think with short sleeves.

This is the first time Cokevale University has appeared in a comic! Whoot! Cokevale is the fictional town is Virginia where J&C is set and CU is where they are taught as students. This background was largely based of sketches I did of Birmingham University when I went to an open day there.

This is my first mention of spontaneous combustion in a comic. Can you believe you had to wait until page 111 to see that? Consider how much I talk about it every day, you would have thought it’d come up sooner.

That conversation between Crusader and Jayden was just lifted from a real life conversation I had the other day. Well, last week. Consdering I am writing this more than a week in advance, two weeks ago from the point that this is published.

Notice Jayden immediately adopts a defensive stance in panel three, and compare the dialogue with this page. Random Guy, as my script calls him, is a bit of a loser. when he found out Jayden and Crusader where not dating the immediate response should have been to ask Jayden out (which Jayden appears to be waiting for in panel 4 when she looks pensieve). This also highlights how mindblowing lucky Crusader is. Damn bastard falls on his feet every time…

I am in Germany. When I return there will be pictures. Unless I forget my camera. Or it is stolen.

: D


  1. Sarah

    hey! i didnt know u upgraded this every week! how do u do it?!?! ur amazing!!!!!!

  2. Andrew (Aflowerchild)

    I like the background on this page, but one thing I don’t really like artistically is the flame. It just looks a bit too cartoony and bright in my opinion, when your shading of hair makes me think you could do very nice fire which fits in with J&C’s style.

    I think I’ve mentioned it before but I’m always impressed by the effort you make in your comics. In the last 2 panels, “Random Guy” is in pretty much the same pose, yet you drew it out twice, whereas I’m sure a lot of comic artists would’ve copied and pasted.

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