December 29th, 2008

But… Crusader’s so… White

Rating 4.50 out of 5

I don’t have a lot to say about this one. I was panicking a little while ago about it being a comic that borders on the semi-tasteful, but I’ve stopped caring about that. It makes me laugh, that’s enough.

I put a lot of effort into getting the passport to look right, the only thing I think it is missing is a serial number, and an authenification authority.

Also: It’s nice to be back with the two titular characters again, sometimes I feel the comic doesn’t work with them enough, always pushing Smic or Third for the joke, but I like this page, I think it went well.

I’ll try to get another vote incentive up soon, so we have a good ranking when we go into the year of our lord two-thousand and nine.


  1. Andrew (Aflowerchild)

    I don’t think it’s distasteful at all. A little odd maybe, as Crusader doesn’t look at all Iraqi.

    The passport does look pretty good, as he has a cool signature. I thought Crusader looks a little off in the first panel though. Not much, but he looks better in the rest.

    Jayden’s expressions on the last 2 panels are both really good, you should draw more strong expressions like that just so you can show it off. I noticed that Jayden only has white parts of her eyes when they’re open very wide, was that intentional?

    Sorry this comment’s been a bit critical, it really is very good overall, it’s just easier to pick out tiny flaws lol.

  2. WaiForPie

    I’m surprised Jayden brings up the whole name thing now after all that’s happened. Crusader looks fairly….white, for the lack of better words I can think of at the moment. He must come from some crazy gene pool. Jayden’s expressions in the last two panels were just great, and the level of detail in the third panel is just awesome.

    Cheers to J&C and what will be in store for the comic in the new year ahead!

  3. Kirrus

    crusader obviously has his mothers’ genes 😉

  4. me

    ….am i the only one who noticed the typo at the end of the comic? and found nearly as amusing as the comic itself? maybe i had a few to many hairs of the dog…

  5. Kirrus

    Hi me. Welcome to J&C. First comments always require moderation, but your next one won’t 🙂

    I think so.. I can’t find a typo at the end of the comic! It all appears to be ok to me. Had a good new-year’s party? 😉

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