December 15th, 2008

Page 102

Rating 4.33 out of 5

In this comic there are three clues to future story lines.

I bet you can’t find them all. There is a forum topic for wild guessing


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Well, this is the first of the Christmas comics I’ll be doing this year. Not overly festive, but I liked it. Also hot DAMN! I like how I drew Hannah in panel 6. I don’t care if it’s wrong in anyway, it makes me eyes happy. Panel 2, 4 and 6 did well, panel 1 was ok and 3 and 5 I did not like. Kinda like the original Star Trek films actually.

I did not just compare this comic to Star Trek. That didn’t happen. Erase the image from your eyes and the words from your memory.

I got the idea for this comic from remembering the old(ish) channel four interview things, where they would ask their celebrities a question, and give each ones’ answer in turn, so eventually you figure out the question. I applied the same idea to J&C and Christmas and, well, the result was this. Third was going to have the last panel, but I preferred having Smic as the punchline. It was fun to see what they each thought, although I sometimes wonder about Smic’s past. Something must really have screwed up him big time.

Here is an example of the Channel four ads I mean, kindly found by our webmaster

I think also, this is the first time that Hannah has said anything which indicates she thinks Smic is… odd. I mean, she knows he’s odd, but most of the time this doesn’t matter. And this is the first time, I think, she’s ever voiced any concerns about him.

Maybe I’ll play around with that in the future. Maybe not, we’ll see. (that is not one of the clues to future story lines, keep looking).

I still haven’t figured out how Smic, Hannah and Third sleep in their respective cupboards. It must be mightily painful. That said, Smic’s is fairly deep.

I would also like to remind everyone, primarily my parents, Crusader is not me.

That is all.

Nothing more to see.

Off you go.


  1. fudge knight

    Hehe. Great as always!

  2. WaiForPie

    You know, I’d really like to see how a Christmas with Smic’s family would play out. I also forgot that Hannah was from Canada. I think my favorite response would have to be Jayden’s seeing as how it got an ‘awww’ out of me.

  3. Kirrus

    Here’s your example 🙂

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