December 8th, 2008

Growing Attraction

Rating 4.63 out of 5

Edit: This is actually one of my favourite strips, for many reasons. I just realised that reading through again. Damn I like this one. Anyway… carry on…

And thus concludes the longest storyline in J&C’s history since Ozimaar.

This page went through so many rewrites it’s insane, at least 7. Takes a lot of effort for me to write relationships realistically, and this is with two socially inept people! Urgh, it’s hard. I’d just like to thank Waiforpie for her constant help with the script writing process.

I don’t think you can actually be banned from Scotland, but I guess Crusader might mean he just can’t go back their because of the people there, or that the police there will recognise him. I am not sure, whatever, it was funny. I therefore cite the rule of funny.

I have gotten a bit, just a bit, of hate mail about this new relationship, but I’m still doing it, I think it’s better for the comic.

If you guys go and see the first page again, there’s a new J&C cover I’ve been working on. I like it, you should go see it.

And now I am finally free of continuity and free to do some crazy other stuff for a few weeks. YAY! Christmas comics will start next week, and not stop until Christmas Eve itself for the J&C Christmas party.

It is late, I am tired. Talk to you later guys.


  1. WaiForPie

    The dialogue and the progression of each scene really flow well. I especially like the last panel. The only thing that really bothers me is how Crusader’s wrists seem to disappear in the 4th panel. Still, the conclusion of this mini-arc should lead to some other interesting stories down the road, and ‘happy end’ for this particular strip fits quite nicely while still being funny.

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