June 27th, 2008

Eight Panels of Pain

Rating 4.14 out of 5

Its called Eight Panels of Pain for a reason.
Drawing it was eight panels of pain.

I hate 8 panel-ers. Kirrus wanted me to split them up, into two 4 panel comics. However, I persevered, eventually finishing it at 7:30ish this morning. Huzzah….

I would not wish Third upon any theist. He will break your faith with his unquestionable logic.
I’m Christian myself though, so don’t read to much into it, I am actually quite tolerant of all major beliefs, provided they are tolerant of mine, one of the reasons I can’t read any of Dawkin’s books.

Please vote to see a sketch of Crusader’s family I drew for a later storyline. Bear in mind, they are sketches, but I really don’t have the time to draw a proper incentive yet and certainly not on a regular basis.

Also please comment, because they make my day. Even if you hate my comic it cheers me to know someone is reading it.

Update: This text was fiddled with by Kirrus at 23:17.


  1. Rosalind

    Sweet. I rediscovered Jayden and Crusader while flicking through my bookmarks.
    I’m going to become a J&C fanbrat, just for you.

    I loved the stolen Bible amnesty in the last page, btw. =]

  2. Crusader

    Thanks! I remember you! Yeah, you left during the January comic… death.
    Glad you came back!

  3. Videospirit

    I’ve started reading recently, one of the first comics I found at the start of my recent push to find good comics. This one’s okay I guess, third and smic are somewhat interesting with the rest around, although everyone else seems a tad bland in comparison. I guess that’s kind of odd to consider Third not bland, but he’s got a lot of depth in a lack of depth sort of way. Anyway, I’m just commenting to let you know you’ve gained another reader, keep up the good work.

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