June 19th, 2008

Yes Ma’am

Rating 4.50 out of 5

Edit: I’ve moved this comics update from Friday to today, Thursday, so as to coincide with new advertising so new readers aren’t put off by Monday’s hopeless lack of proper perspective. The next update will be on Monday 23rd of June. Although with hindsight, they might be put off by the fact I am once again referencing the archives. I’ve gotta stop doing that….

Not sure if I like the joke on this one.
It seemed funny when I wrote it, but now I am not sure. I might be over thinking it, but maybe I am right, I dunno.

I certainly enjoyed designing female Third, and like the way the third panel came out. It looks kinda like he/she slapped the cup from Crusader’s hand, but really its just meant to be as though he dropped it.
This page took much longer than usual, I think because I am so unused to drawing a female Third. Usually a comic comes together in about 3 hours, but I think this one might be edging towards five.
At least four and a bit.

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  1. Kirrus

    Well, I like this post. Even if I am slightly biased 😉
    Just as an aside, please don’t just click the advert space, use it! Starting $0.02 a _day_ its a bargain!

    Click here to advertise. Its set to no NSFW adds, but apart from that, anything goes 🙂

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