May 29th, 2008

Money is No Object

Rating 2.67 out of 5

Crusader and kat are talking about the events within Jayden and Crusader 2 which was kinda…. sidelined… Most of the jokes and comics that worked from the script have been taken, rewritten and slotted in now. Oh, and Kat will pop up from time to time.

Two comics in one day.
Get in.

This should deal with any quibbles anyone had as to why Crusader was going to the apple store because he wanted to play mass effect.

This page took longer than expected due to accidently closing without saving. Good bye one and a half hours work. That was two hours ago…

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  1. taltamir

    This comic! It makes no sense!

    When and where did the catgirl try to kill him? how was the blob monster defeated? there are missing pages here, lots of them.

  2. Crusader

    You are quite correct, there are missing pages, and there are lots of them, and I apologise that the story is not clear.
    There is a page which contains the script of much of the missing pages, but it is true that the story about Kat is completely missing. You see at the time I was under great pressure at my college to work harder and the comic suffered for it, I didn’t have the time or patience to finish the story I had planned, so I left it. When the pressure slacked off in May I started doing the comic again and I didn’t want to try and do those old pages, I just wanted to get new and fun ideas down on paper. I thought by acknowledging that Kat is a ‘new’ character with the few lines in this page I might be able to get the audience to accept her as a character without needing to see the pages in which she would have otherwise appeared. I guess I was wrong, and I apologise again.
    I am at this time working on getting the various holes in the archive fixed up, but it is a slow process, you must understand, as I have to keep up with new updates, and do my work, and then I might get time to work on the archive for about 1/2 an hour a week. So please be patient in this regard.
    I hope these holes in the archive haven’t scared you away from Jayden and Crusader, but if it has, I apologise again.

  3. Jayden and Crusader – Updates Mondays » Archive » Page 176

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